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Yuto-Masamune (雄東正宗) sake used to be written using different Kanji characters (優等正宗). After this sake won accolades in a regional sake fair eight times consecutively, the chief tax office supervisor called our sake (Hero of Kanto area). At this point we changed the name from (優等正宗) to (雄東正宗). Both names are read as Yuto-Masamune, but the new name (雄東正宗) includes the Kanji characters 雄 (from Hero: 英雄) and 東 (from Kanto: 関東).

雄東正宗 大吟醸

Yuto-Masamune DaiGinjo-shu

[1800ml] 6,000 yen(without tax)
[720ml] 3,000 yen(without tax)
雄東正宗 純米大吟醸

Yuto-Masamune Junmai DaiGinjo-shu

[1800ml] 8,000 yen(without tax)
[720ml] 4,000 yen(without tax)


Junmai Ginjyo-shu is a sake that is made with Gouriki (強力) rice, a valuable variety of rice that was once on the brink of extinction. Gouriki (強力) is a rice breed that was mainly cultivated in Tottori Prefecture, but it almost vanished because difficulties in growing it. Nevertheless, the Gouriki (強力) rice breed was revived using five remaining seeds through significant efforts in organic cultivation.

発光路強力 純米吟醸

HokkoujiGoriki Junmai Ginjo-shu

[1800ml] 3,048 yen/[720ml] 1,600 yen/[300ml] 700 yen(without tax)

Oyama brand

These are our Oyama (小山) brand products that were chosen by the Oyama brand creation conference (小山ブランド創生協議会), organized to revitalize Oyama City.

雄東正宗 小山評定 純米吟醸

Yuto-Masamune Oyama rating Junmai Ginjo-shu

[720ml] 1,619 yen(without tax)

Other sake


Yuto Strawberry Sake [300ml]

[300ml] 619 yen(without tax)
本格芋焼酎 金の鈴・銀の鈴

Yuto Imo Shochu Kinnosuzu-Ginnosuzu

[720ml] 1,181 yen(without tax)


The first kanji character (鷗: Oh) in this sake’s name comes from the alma mater, Hakuoh University (白鷗大学), of the chief production officer. The second kanji character chosen for this sake name is (樹: Ju). This character implies creating roots locally to foster growth. Notice: 鷗 the is the old character form of 鴎. Therefore, sometimes it will not display on your computer environment.

生酛造り純米吟醸生酒 鷗樹

Junmai Ginjo-shu Ohju

[1800ml] 3,000 yen(without tax)
[720ml] 1,500 yen(without tax)
生酛造り純米酒 鷗樹

Junmai-shu Ohju

[1800ml] 2,100 yen(without tax)
[720ml] 1,100 yen(without tax)

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